Friday, September 23, 2011

Douglas Hannant Pink

Photos: Richard Spiegel

It seems while other designers are circling the wagons in this fragile economy Douglas Hannant moves blindly forward. Over the past few years there has been a Jewelry and bridal launch as well fragrance which was documented by WWD stating it could do $10 million in the first year of sales. Mr. Hannant would be lucky to bank $500,000.00 since his name is a niche market player and not on the lips of most of the world.

Pink it seems is a new diffusion line which seems more of an act of desperation then a focused attempt of trying to find a new/younger customer.  From what was shown there seems to be no focus to the collection.   Adding insult to injury the collection was shown in a basement hotel with a loud rock band providing the soundtrack to this new line. 

The burning question is? Who is really in control at the house of Douglas Hannant? For those who have followed the house the man in front has been Frederick Anderson running around like a political candidate  doing interviews speaking for the house and air kissing wealthy women of the upper east side. As for Mr. Hannant he seems more of a mystery than a designer since little is known about him.  It seems the roles should be reversed but many questions remain unanswered. 

My feeling is that Pink is a throw on the wall collection and if buyers are interested pieces may be produced but the longer term plan seems of more interest. Younger designers like Norman Ambrose are poaching his customer base season after season and seem more in touch with what todays women wants and needs.

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