Saturday, July 16, 2016

David Hart S/S 20h17

It seems with TPOTUS making a visit to Cuba it has brought on a new wave of inspiration for designer David Hart. Tropical Havana along with  it's many colors and retro styles seems to be what David showed. As for the fit it seems a bit more tighter on the body than what you might see in old photo's with this style of dress. Granted this is not a collection for all guys, some tend to shy away from prints of any kind and play the solid road. Regardless this collection follows the Latin trend making a comeback and as well  offers men a dose of variety in their wardrobes
Photos: David Hart

PLAC S/S 2017

The Korean design team from PLAC showed a small tight mens collection for S/S 2017 and from the looks of it they maybe taking a cue from an outside signal. For those in the know men's is a tough sell traditionally, so by showing small edited collections it cuts way down on cost but potentially on exposure as a brand, your not that big! In the end it's a trade-off for some that over time things will improve rather than spend big on a successful failure with no sales. Nobody said this way easy. As for the outside signal, have you checked your GDP lately?

The inspiration for this season is David Hockney late 60's era, but from the backdrop and color scheme this collection left me with a sense of cleaned up style boys lost in South Beach Florida with a architectural slant. The miss-buttoned shirts are a standing example of this, yes it's off but it is different! The lines of the collection are hard and seem slimming but something tells me one has to have a size 32 wait it fit the mold. I always get nervous with fit with overseas designers. Nevertheless it's a winning collection for guys who might be color shy; but want to not look like complete wall flowers, if there is such a thing for guys?! With the foundation of this collection this is a line that you can build from and incorporate great standard pieces that with flow from season to season!

Portland's Food Cart Scene... A Lesson in Patience and Quality

Downtown Portland Oregon is a interesting place to visit and more so to live. Its as if you were living a few blocks away from some small herald square in New York City. Small shops, Nordstrom's, Apple you get the picture but in the midst of all this activity it can be pressing to find a good meal to eat!

Now in NYC street food is rapid fire! Hot dogs served up in 30 seconds ready to go, ,knish; whatever. It's what I was raised on and now am being taught a very painful but rewarding lesson about Portland's street food culture.

The variety of cuisines along Alder Street is expansive and makes one just want to walk to see the entire selection, and there is quite a bit! Chinese, Thai, Greek, sandwiches, BBQ, etc. You won't find burgers or hot dogs here but there also is English fish & chips and a great grilled cheese truck also. At any one time you could have fifty trucks open for lunch service.

One thing that you can't avoid is the amount of people waiting for food, which for a New Yorker is a lesson in patience! With that being said YES , one has to wait for their food. I will admit this is a method very foreign to me. In the end the wait is worth it but due to the small confined space of these trucks wait times can vary depending on a trucks popularity. In my opinion find what you like and enjoy! Portland is a foodie town like no other.

Photos: R.Spiegel

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Marlowe 142 Shave Gel

it seems in the world of men's shaving the battle lines have been drawn! Are you a cream or a gel shaver? I have been to both sides and the verdict is still out but on a recent situation of low shaving cream/gel I dropped into the target store and picked up Marlowe 142 shave gel $8.99. I've had great results with other brands in the gel dept so I went for it.

Even doing a 5 o'clock shadow shave with a dull blade (full white stripe) the blade seemed to glide pretty smooth AND shave quite close. Let's be clear, you could easily pay more for a lesser quality shaving product but for $8.99 it's worth the money. The only problem we seem to find is small outfits like this either get scooped up or go bust, let's hope they stick around.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Rochambeau Fall 2016

Rochambeau drew it's inspiration for its Fall 2016 collection from Tupac Shakur's movie "Juice". According to the designers their guy was "tough and layered" but even if there was no inspiration this collection works on a few different levels. With only showing 28 looks there's quite a bit of ground covered here, from sleek cut jackets to more relaxed baseball styles with guy friendly colors to boot! My personal standout was the two-tone mohair style coat and the black long coat towards the end. Comparative to other designers it's a small collection but 28 pieces could have been 20 and still delivered the diversity they showed. The urban vibe showed through this collection and should be responsive to a younger audience.
Photos: Firstvew

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Joseph Abboud Fall 2016

For fall 2016 Joseph Abboud showed a tight focused collection for his menswear clients and did not disappoint the crowd! This season his utilization of military details, washed cashmeres and velvets, distressed wool printed and a "traced fit" which seems like a new silhouette. All this combined made this collection a screaming sell, of note his grey American flag wrap/scarf served and a great finish to a few of his looks.

Designers like this have the ability to delve into the past and at the same time move forward with fresh ideas, both were achieved in this collection. The current Abboud client should be satisfied as well new ones to follow. It was also nice to see mens bags on the runway, something you don't see a lot of to begin with.

Photos: Dan Lecca
For fall 2016 Lucio Castro's inspiration were photographs of traveling communities in the UK, the total number he showed was around thirteen with very different looks and little cohesion. It seems it's a thrown together collection it the hopes that some pieces might resonate with consumers but after viewing the range and diversity the question must be asked, who's your guy? Actions speak louder than words and with fashion designers and this is how they communicate to the public. With only a very small collection and what was shown these questions still must be answered. It seems a few of the prints Mr. Castro used; seemed 70's inspired, as for this translating to a millennial customer or otherwise?

Photo's: Agentry PR

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lola and Sophie Spring 2016

Designer Gene Kagan has delivery once again a winning collection for spring 2016. The majority of his collection consisting mainly of tops range between grey tones, reds, blues and prints.

What draws me to this line are a few factors, the pieces are easy to travel with; basically you just toss em into the bag and your off!  His price points are easily digestible with tops in a range of $120-130 and jackets at around $175.  Lastly these looks can be worn just about anywhere. The feeling is a relaxed stylish woman who has a sense of style but she's not a slave to it. More information can be found at

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tanya Taylor S/S2016

For spring Tanya Taylor showed her collection in Soho which seemed a fitting place and much easier to get to then other locations around the city. The collection is like walking into a very colorful floral garden dotted with multi colored striped pieces. From the ceiling she let hang multi-colored ropes which added to the effect. It's a small offering but packs a big punch! To note we loved her moto jacket with color striped and her floral dresses.

photos: R.Spiegel

Mathieu Mirano S/S 2016

Once again Mr. Mirano delivers a winning collection consisting of sharp evening wear and a fews sophisticated day looks. He seems to be one of the only designers who has a firm grasp of working with color which is obvious with his small offering this season.

What is more interesting here is the size of the collection, under twenty looks! It seem Mathieu feels no need to floods the marketplace with a large scale collection. Either he knows what his woman wants (and he does) or he's reading the tea leaves from the international business sections and can sense that world economies are slowing which translates into fewer sales.

Keep your eye on the red carpet, I have a feeling a few of his gowns will grace them.