Sunday, September 25, 2011

Zang Toi S/S 2012


Smart, attentive, focused are a few words to describe Zang Toi as a designer. While some designers for S/S 2012 when out on a limb and played long shot chances with their collections, Mr. Toi sent down a collection which should have buyers banging down his door for sales! Its very clear that Zang Toi follows more than just fashion as it seems he's listening to his customer, buyers and the business world in general.

The collection might have a African theme but from what he showed it seems is less African and more main street in a positive way. Financially, times are still tight but it does not prevent women from that age old addiction of shopping! More so pieces from this collection are investable in nature and can  be worn years down the road, lets face it his clothing does not come cheap but there worth the money!

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