Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Douglas Hannant S/S 2012

 To date, my history with the house of Douglas Hannant spans well over ten years and not to consider myself an expert I have seen quite a bit of clothing come out of this designer. For Spring 2012 the inspiration was Shanghai 1930's, last season roaring 1920's and before that a Jean Michael Basquit 1980's reference. These trips from the past might be cute but with today's technology regardless of age; his customer is a woman of today who does not live in the past.

For spring this season its a better collection from what he has shown in the past; but the amount of clothing and the "accessories" that the house of Hannant has delivered in this economy is out of touch with today's times but still does not seem to phase this house. From fragrance to jewelry to bridal and now handbags which are not bad at all, I noticed one shopper style on the runway, it seems like a house that is out of touch with today's times. While most designers are showing twenty to twenty-five piece collection, a forty plus collection is delivered.

As for the clothing this season its the simpler pieces that show Mr. Hannant's true design talents and what built his house from the start. A great pair of fitted white pants, coat or jacket in any color for that matter is what his customer is truly looking for and thankfully can still deliver. But as the years go by there are newer designers who are gunning for the same customer, offering up fresher designs at better prices and let us not forget that granted his customer is a lady of leisure, sometimes they do need the approval from their husbands to buy! We are still in a recession.

Photos: Richard Spiegel

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