Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Douglas Hannant Bridal Spring 2010

We have to admit that were not big fans of the bridal season so when the dates showed up on the fashion calendar little interest was shown except for one show, Douglas Hannant. We had gone to the debut collection which consisted of fourteen looks. For Spring it's 12 looks and Mr. Hannant has covered all the bases for his clients. The first few looks where strapless and had a feel of second time bride in her late thirties, forties but still very elegant. The silhouette is slim and form fitting and could easily be dubbed a "destination" dress for a wedding in the Bahamas.

Further down the collection the looks became more poof in style and filled out for a first time bride. Some dressed were adorned with jewels around the next line, something we have been seeing in ready-to-wear for about two seasons now. Our favorite looks were the white tulle veiled sequin racerback gown this dress done in a different color could easily be worn on a red carpet for the Oscars! The other one we loved was the ivory satin faced organza spiral gown which has a "sex and the city" feel to it, yes think Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big.

Once again Mr. Hannant has proved that less is indeed more with only showing twelve looks at the Plaza. In our opinion seeing any bridal collection where the looks get into the thirties and forties is overkill and editors get lost and lose focus. As for Douglas he makes it short and sweet and to the point. If wedding bells are ringing ladies this is what you want to be wearing!

Post show we had the chance to interview Mr. Hannant's business partner Frederick Anderson the interview can be heard at

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