Thursday, April 9, 2009

EJ's a Luncheonette like no other

In our opinion there are two types of restaurants, one's that focus on the food and one's that focus on the money. We have been going to EJ's ever since we moved our offices from downtown since it was a local place we thought it was a good place to eat. It's loud, crowded, filled with kids and their upper east side moms along with babies and strollers piled high in a corner.

The menu is a mix of classic American food with burgers, mac & cheese and some higher priced fancy items like a grilled salmon. You would think if you got a grilled salmon in a burger joint this place must be good?! Well for starters if you like really strong coffee they have it but its made in those huge machines that crank out like 200 cups at a time and the coffee sits there so chances are your getting burnt coffee, yes coffee can burn and for all you coffee lovers coffee is only good for 13 minutes then it's toast!

As for the food, we usually got the scrambled eggs with potatoes and toast but the potatoes came over-cooked and the eggs very stiff. I would not request "French style" since they have no clue how those eggs are prepared. The atmosphere is a sea of screaming, crying children and the staff seems over-worked and dazed & confused. As for those strollers we mentioned before we view this as a "fire hazard", but it seems EJ's is more concentrated on making the big bucks than public safety.

The apex of this whole operation comes when you get your bill, it's cash only, but they have an ATM machine located in the place if your short on cash. If you think the ATM is a courtesy for it's customers it's not, rest assured their getting a percentage every time a card dips into the machine. These guys have found a way to generate an income at every turn, you can even buy a t-shirt or coffee mug to remember your experience. If your looking for a better lunch option try Neils on Lexington and 70th street, better food, better prices and no screaming kids.

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