Sunday, March 15, 2009

Venexiana Fall 2009

Venexiana was the last show for us after another packed day. Being grateful we acquired seats we caught our breath and chatted with friends waiting for the show to start. My partner pulled the run of show and said " Oh my god, it's 66 looks!" Our plan was to run out but as soon as this thought came to mind the lights went down and the show began. As the clothing came down the runway three thoughts came to mind; (1) who is the Venexiana customer,(2)does Kati Stern have deep pockets or a big financial backer and(3)could there have been a blowout sale at the fabric mills?

In all our years of going to shows which ranks up to over one thousand, the words of "the collection is all over the place" could never ring more true. To date we know of no free-standing shops or retail outlets which carry this line. As for the direction it's a display of self-indulgence via Kati Stern. We've seen better collections from Ms. Stern in the past and the vibe has leaned towards the night club scene, but this fall collection for 2009 is hard to pin down.

Photos: Dan Lecca for Mercedes~Benz

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