Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ports 1961 Fall 2009

First off we'd like to thank whomever yet again for giving us a seventh row seat (the last row) for this show. We got the same row and same seat last season, and when your in the last row you can't see anything at all, so we walked out of the show. But thanks to the wonder of images we can give comment on the Ports 1961 fall collection. According to our other editorial colleges this was a collection inspired by India and the color that celebrate the country and looks which where over 45 pieces, a little to much for our taste. But back at the showroom we would bet that there is well over one hundred.

The collection has it's strong points which are the solids and the slacks, this was the main focus years ago used to get fashion editor gaga over this line, their first show which was a presentation only showed fifteen pieces and made us wanting more, but that was years ago and this is 2009.

Designer Tia Cibani has the ability to produce wonderful clothing which we have seen time and time again over the years but at times we feel that she has faced intense pressure from the owners of Ports 1961. The Spring collection last season in total was 350 pieces, know any designers who crank out those numbers? In short we feel Tia Cibani tries to hard to drive her design direction and she does not need to. We feel the strongest pieces are in her solid fabrics and colorways, the prints might be your thing but in the final analysis a designer has to know their customer.

Photos: Dan Lecca for Mercedes~Benz

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