Friday, March 6, 2009

Oumlil Fall 2009

Designer Hisham Oumlil's fall mens collection had drawn inspiration from the movie "There Will Be Blood", but it seems this direction was dashed as we previewed the collection in Soho. Mr. Oumlil has been designing mens clothing for the past four years and has incorporated a couture aspect to his customers. There are no retail outlets that carry his line so if you want his clothing an appointment is required.

Since this is a fall collection his strength lies with his jackets and coats. Not being afraid of color in a poorly performing economy, Hisham has provided a vast selection of very distinctive pieces and many we love. Seeing a designer who is designing to his true passion and potential is few and far between in men's clothing.

The entire experience with Hisham and his house no doubt is a process akin to Paris couture and should appeal to men who seek the finest in fabrics and original pieces to add to their wardrobe. Prices range from $2,400 for jackets, Suits $3,100-$4,200 and coats $2,900-$5,000.

More information can be found at his site

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