Friday, January 4, 2008

Luigi Borrelli Spring 2008

The Spring 2008 line from Luigi Borrelli does not break any new fashion trends for the season nor for that matter any season since it’s not their position to do so. So if there’s no breaking fashion from this Italian luxury menswear house why would we devote a review? Quite simply Luigi Borrelli is a lesson in fine garments with price points to match.

Attention to detail is what grabs you into this company, which goes the extra mile in the respects of finishing details and stitching of their garments. If your looking for custom clothing Borrelli can accommodate most things they produce. If you happen to like a suit or a pair of slacks it can be done in a different fabric to your specific needs, granted they have it in stock, or have access to it.

Getting back to the finishing details they achieve in their clothing can be seen in their cotton/linen polo shirts, which start out at $250.00. The shirts are finished in a process dubbed “Tinto A Capo” where the shirts are pre-washed giving them a worn in feel thusly breaking in the fibers of the shirt.

Further more on the custom aspect of Borrelli is the line of golf shoes they produce, they can be made in a variety of color choices and are all done in leather. If your looking for a custom pair the price starts out at $2,400.00 and goes up from there. There’s no doubt that these shoes will make one the most stylish on the golf course and make others re-think their shoe choices.

Borrelli is all about details and high quality fabrics. For them it’s not about breaking new fashion ground but keeping with a tradition of making clothes which separates them from other houses.

Photos: Luigi Borrelli

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