Monday, December 3, 2007

Neiman Marcus Spring 2008 Preview

Twice a year Neiman Marcus holds it’s press preview in New York City and is flat out the most important event for fashion editors to get input for the clothing accessory season. This go around it was for Spring 2008 and from what we can see there are some nice changes on the horizon as well some things which have from the 2007 fall season.

Expect to see big colours like oranges, yellows, greens, pinks/reds and blues. The color range has more punch and is way more pronounced from last spring so expect to make a fashion color statement come next year.

Items which are still going strong are patent leather as well the metallic colours. The ombre color shift we saw but is done in a lighter gradation and is not so severe which we saw in a Prada bag. Also to note Diane Von Furstenberg has launched her first shoe collection which will be available for the spring season. Neiman’s has also taken a strong position on Tory Burch’s collection. There were many different pieces from this New York designer such as her shoes and handbags. It seems her ballet flats from last season sold extremely well, so Neiman’s has expanded their rage with more offerings. The Tory Burch bags have a price rage between $200-300.00, our crystal ball predicts with this price point your going to see alot of women sporting these, probably to the point of over saturation. Moreso we feel Burch will be the latest victim of the knockoff market.

According to Neiman’s, all the big designers still have strong sales like Gucci, Prada, Chanel, ect. Patent leather seems to be selling well and has a healthy timeline for the future. It’s very evident in New York and we have been seeing this all over the place from bags to shoes to rain coats.

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