Monday, January 14, 2008

Kira Plastinina Russian Design Sensation

For a very long time Russia was not know for fashion or fashion designers but now there’s is a change is the wind with a fifteen year old design sensation named Kira Plastinina. Kira had gotten into design by seeing things that were missing is the marketplace for young girls and proceeded to make a change for the better.

This has translated into twenty stores all over Russia and plans are being made to launch six stores in New York City and California. Nine of the stores are in Moscow.

The clothing line is designed for young girls with great prints with loads of color. Also included are dresses, top, skirts and even shoes. projected price points for the line are reasonable. We have a feeling with the designer being so young along with attractive pricing the clothing will be seen on many TV shows in the coming months geared towards young girls. With this combination and potential US stores launching, this could give other retailers a run for their money.

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