Sunday, January 27, 2008

Andrew Buckler Fall 2008

When going to a Andrew Buckler fashion show be prepared for a show, which is what this designer delivers. He’s very into the shock value and at times might leave some editors disturbed and turned off by the models on the runway. But models are one thing and clothes are quite another.

Getting up close and personal with what he showed, the line for fall 2008 has allot to offer consumers. Of note his sweaters have a beautiful twist on bias sewn cable knits, something we have never seen before and makes for standout pieces.

His slacks are cut smartly and tailored well and paired with his fitted shirts make for clean looks for men coming into the fall season for this year.

Another aspect to this designer is his price point which ranges between $300-500 depending on what pieces catch your eye. Further more it seems he’s holding strong in the men’s market by opening up his own store in Soho New York.

Photos: J.Grossman provided by Totally Cool.Net

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