Thursday, October 11, 2007

National Jeans Company Hits Upper East Side

On a rainy afternoon in New York City we ventured up to 78th Street and Third Avenue to attend the press opening for National Jeans Company. As far as what we can see it’s a great addition for the upper east side and just what the neighborhood needs.

For the past 15 years National Jeans Company has been on the cutting edge when it comes to selling jeans to consumers. The store has been designed to resemble a woman's closet, the layout is done in playful sections to appeal to the many different styles each woman has.

The store covers all aspects to a woman's wardrobe which include bags, tops, dresses and accessories which makes this denim mecca a one stop shopping experience.

With over 25 different brands to choose from in the denim department, prices range from $160.00 to $300.00. Talking to one of the managers they claim that “Raven” is a fast mover out of the store. Don’t worry they have your Seven’s, J Brand and Paige also.

If you don’t have a National Jeans Company near you they do have a full service web site which carries even more then what you see in any of there stores!

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