Friday, October 19, 2007

Furla Spring/Summer 2008

The Spring Summer line from Furla draws inspiration from a woman with a strong personality and confidence, she’s daring and loves mixing her clothes in interesting combinations. The color selections for the season are pink, French pink, light blue and cornflower which gives a soft edge to the collection. Also what struck us was a small line of “pearl-essence” color bags which is something new for Furla and we are sure this will work well with consumers.

The styles are inspired by the world of exclusive, elitist sports via polo and sailing. Bags are clean in construction but as well have unconstructed forms, it all depends what catches your eye. The bags range from patent leather to faux croc and alligator which are polished and greased. The traditional leather Furla bags are included in the line which are a mainstay with die-hard Furla customers.

The company has incorporated four emerging designers to add to the line which Furla refers as “talent hub”. The four designers who make up this new collective for Furla are, Nicole Brundage, Max Kibardin, Marcio-Alice and Lisa Ferrari and Courtney Crawford. as we were in the showroom we were struck by Max Kibardin’s designs which seems to be right in line with what the Furla customers want’s. He has a small line of shoes and bags in deep black colors made from treated leather, with his own design spin separating it a bit from the Furla brand.

The price points for Furla start at around $475.00 and move up into the $700.00 range. The talent hub line has a higher price point and will launch in january. If your looking for well constructed bags which you can be “hard” on and still hold up after months or years of wear and tear, Furla is your bag company.