Sunday, August 12, 2007

Miss Bikini Best In Show For Miami Swim Shows

Coming over with late minute entry from Italy was Miss Bikini, well known in the Italian market place and showing collections over there for the past few years shipped over to Miami and presented one if not the best swim collection we saw here in Miami.

From the first look to the last we could not find anything wrong with Miss Bikini and the show had a perfect flow.

Between the color and the cuts from this line there is a heavy Italian feel to the clothes. Think Cavalli or Missoni and the vibe runs pretty close. As well the colors are vibrant and varied and there’s alot to choose from, from multi-colored suits, grey metallic (the color grey for the fall season), sea greens and red’s/corals.

The clothing accessories have more of that toss in the bag resort feel to them which we like very much. The pieces are very fashion forward but speak a casual aspect. There’s nothing fussy or structured going on here, it’s all very laid-back with that Italian spirit. Beautiful wraps and loose fitting skirts made with feather light fabrics. As for there bags it’s the same multi colored feel that match the suits ect.. bags are structured and unstructured ala hobo, but seem to be just the right size for a day of shopping or the beach.

Once again we see that European designers are willing to make the trip and showcase great collections. Miss Bikini proved this with a gate to wire win on the Miami runway.


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