Sunday, August 12, 2007

DE et DR Collection from Miami

Coming over from Italy to show a swim collection is no easy task, but that is exactly what DE et DR did for the Miami 2007 swim shows. Like European race horses that ship over to the United States they tend to “run big” and the same can be said for this design collection.

The color palette is yellow, red, coral, black and a blue/grey mix that really worked wonderful against a deep dark Miami tan. As for the accessories there were some show hats for the runway but we were very impressed with the bags they showed, beautiful big bright colored bags to hold everything you might need for the trip to the pool or a day of shopping.

It was also a treat to see some things for the kids to wear, the boys trunks looked spot-on and were very modern, while some of the girls outfit’s resembled what the regular models were wearing. So if you looking to make a family swim suit match DE et DR has you covered.

But with fifty yards to the finish line, like a horse jumping it’s shadow in the stretch the collection fell apart and took a left turn showing pieces that looked like a Spring or Fall collection and had nothing to do with swim wear or a resort vibe. But we can understand the reasoning behind this, they did come all the way from Italy.

Photo credit: A.Murphy

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