Sunday, August 12, 2007

Red Cater Miami Fashion Week

We have done a few season’s with Red Carter South Beach and we like the progression of this local designer. He has original vision and is setting himself apart from the rest of the pack with what he showed for 2008 Miami Swim.his site

If your looking for ultra sexy cuts this is your man, his sense of color has set him apart from other designers who showed collections this week. As well there were some truly awesome bags and hats to pull together that beach look. Our favourite was the geometric multi colored prints he sent down. Genius and very forward thinking and truly stand out pieces.

The only part we felt which did not flow with the rest of the line was the “broadway” black and white section. The suits are cute but it seemed like a complete 180 degree design direction turnaround. Sometimes less is more and might have proven better to leave those looks for the showroom. But overall Red Carter showed a great collection where there were way more hits than misses. Trust us he's not going away anytime soon.

Photo: A.Murphy

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