Friday, September 9, 2016

Whit S/S 2017

For S/S 2017 Whit did something smart apart from other designers this season, they kept the collection on the small side. I have always found that in most cases in these times " less is more". Uncertain economies and events can change an entire landscape which sweep away everything in it's path. For whit by keeping it small they minimize this.

The prints offered this season seem very wearable and have many color options and at times has the feel of a resort collection due to it's size, they did have a swimsuit on display. The only downside to this presentation was having to photograph this while an artists sketch class was in progress.

Thinking something is "cool" or a new idea to show can work;
but it can also work against a designer. What's the take away? Respect editors, buyers and journalists/photographers, our time is precious, scarce and while you might just have only one show to do for the week, we have many!!!

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