Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Claudia Lee S/S 2017

For spring/summer 2017, Claudia Li translates moments between dusk and dawn. There are no inhibitions. No cares in the world. By shedding away reality and setting oneself free, Claudia conceptualizes a budding newfound freedom and embraces femininity. The collection is punctuated with a hazy liveliness expressed in metallic touches and splashes of colored orchid prints.
The season’s story is furthered by the introduction of male models to her show. The idea of wearing “some guy’s” clothes is emphasized with the interchange of typically boxy, masculine silhouettes and soft, feminine silhouettes, blurring the line between expectations to express one’s sexuality
and empowerment.

As in season’s past, denim plays an important part of the Claudia Li’s collection. Introduced here in new ways through embroidery techniques, color and draping; shirts and dresses made from silk charmeuse and cotton poplin incorporate structured cutouts and organic draping that Claudia has become well-known for creating.

This is the designers inspiration statement for the season. It seems a current trend amongst Asian designers is to be all things to all people. What translates is a very varied collection with little to no design focus and moreso who is the customer of the clothing? Traditionally Asian ladies have been fantastic dressers and have embodies there own sense of "femininity" which seems lacking from Ms. Lee.

Is this what Millennials want to look like when they are attending the spring summer music festivals? Personally I don't attend so I would not know but from previous images from festivals past I have not seen clothing like this. The last time I checked the NYC club scene was dead, could this be a homage to David Byrne of the talking heads?

Her denim work seems quite stiff and is probably using a heavy cord. For the record denim is a wonderful fabric to work with and as Americans we live in it! Lets see what the next season brings.

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