Sunday, September 11, 2016

Tadashi Shoji S/S 2017 The Rising Sun & Rebirth

For Spring 2017 designer Tadshi Shoji states " 2017 is a ecstatic vision of rebirth" and from what he sent down his runway I could not be in more agreement! This by far is one of Mr. Shoji's best collections I have seen and the "rebirth" aspect shines through! It's a very intricate an complex collection but is saying something more, the client base is expanding and the fashion net is being cast wider. The red carpet contenders can be seen along with smart pieces for the upper east side Palm Beach crowd.

Make no mistake, but even thou this might be a grown up line, a younger customer is in the works here. Smart designers size up their competition and see what their offering and try to come back with something better! He's been around long enough to know when to switch things up and the rebirth has begun.

The standout stunner for me was the feather grey ombre cocktail dress, don't be surprised if you see this in the editorial pages. In my book a good designer ALWAYS has a editorial piece! For the record there's probably more than one. Mr. Shoji, bravo!

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