Saturday, July 16, 2016

Portland's Food Cart Scene... A Lesson in Patience and Quality

Downtown Portland Oregon is a interesting place to visit and more so to live. Its as if you were living a few blocks away from some small herald square in New York City. Small shops, Nordstrom's, Apple you get the picture but in the midst of all this activity it can be pressing to find a good meal to eat!

Now in NYC street food is rapid fire! Hot dogs served up in 30 seconds ready to go, ,knish; whatever. It's what I was raised on and now am being taught a very painful but rewarding lesson about Portland's street food culture.

The variety of cuisines along Alder Street is expansive and makes one just want to walk to see the entire selection, and there is quite a bit! Chinese, Thai, Greek, sandwiches, BBQ, etc. You won't find burgers or hot dogs here but there also is English fish & chips and a great grilled cheese truck also. At any one time you could have fifty trucks open for lunch service.

One thing that you can't avoid is the amount of people waiting for food, which for a New Yorker is a lesson in patience! With that being said YES , one has to wait for their food. I will admit this is a method very foreign to me. In the end the wait is worth it but due to the small confined space of these trucks wait times can vary depending on a trucks popularity. In my opinion find what you like and enjoy! Portland is a foodie town like no other.

Photos: R.Spiegel

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