Saturday, July 16, 2016

PLAC S/S 2017

The Korean design team from PLAC showed a small tight mens collection for S/S 2017 and from the looks of it they maybe taking a cue from an outside signal. For those in the know men's is a tough sell traditionally, so by showing small edited collections it cuts way down on cost but potentially on exposure as a brand, your not that big! In the end it's a trade-off for some that over time things will improve rather than spend big on a successful failure with no sales. Nobody said this way easy. As for the outside signal, have you checked your GDP lately?

The inspiration for this season is David Hockney late 60's era, but from the backdrop and color scheme this collection left me with a sense of cleaned up style boys lost in South Beach Florida with a architectural slant. The miss-buttoned shirts are a standing example of this, yes it's off but it is different! The lines of the collection are hard and seem slimming but something tells me one has to have a size 32 wait it fit the mold. I always get nervous with fit with overseas designers. Nevertheless it's a winning collection for guys who might be color shy; but want to not look like complete wall flowers, if there is such a thing for guys?! With the foundation of this collection this is a line that you can build from and incorporate great standard pieces that with flow from season to season!

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