Thursday, March 24, 2016

Marlowe 142 Shave Gel

it seems in the world of men's shaving the battle lines have been drawn! Are you a cream or a gel shaver? I have been to both sides and the verdict is still out but on a recent situation of low shaving cream/gel I dropped into the target store and picked up Marlowe 142 shave gel $8.99. I've had great results with other brands in the gel dept so I went for it.

Even doing a 5 o'clock shadow shave with a dull blade (full white stripe) the blade seemed to glide pretty smooth AND shave quite close. Let's be clear, you could easily pay more for a lesser quality shaving product but for $8.99 it's worth the money. The only problem we seem to find is small outfits like this either get scooped up or go bust, let's hope they stick around.

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