Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Saunder Fall 2014

From the designers run of show Saunder inspiration:

"For Fall/Winter 2014, Saunder was inspired by the 1980's BBC Miniseries, "The Signing Detective", the story of a pulp novelist hospitalized for a chronic skin condition. While in hospital, our protagonist drifts into feverish dream sequences where he believes he is a noir detective-soon enough, these dreamscapes overlap with reality, mixing our novelist's hallucinogenic fantasy with memories of growing up in wartime Britain".

The last time I checked we just moved into 2014 not the 1980's, correct? It has been my experience that inspirations like this don't translate well to consumers, at least American ones who might not have watched this program. Granted this is a very small collection, what seems to be missing is a direction and focus as to who designer Emily Saunders is designing for. There's a lot going on here but it feels like a pasta collection by way of trying to see what sticks. As for the clothing it just seems quite stiff with not a lot of movement, the fabric seems heavy. 

Oh and for the record i'm a huge fan of BBC'S "Top Gear" but I would not design a collection around it.

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