Thursday, February 13, 2014

En Noir Fall 2014 Safety Dance

Relative new design house En Noir showed and small and safe collection for Fall 2014 at the Armory on 67th street and Park Ave. The entire collection is done in different shades of black and pretty much has a focus on coats and jackets which all men need. It seems that the house has a good understanding of what men want and more so how they might shop. Making easy choices for men is a plus and translates into quicker sales, I myself enjoy getting in and getting out of a shopping experience as quickly as possible.

For women they showed a few looks which seem to have a bit more flair and seem to take more design chances than on the mens side, but let's remember women are much different shoppers than the guys. Either way its a good staple collection and reinforces the statement "when in doubt, dress in black".

Photos: Thomas Kletecka

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