Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Skin Testing:Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu

As we all get older the race to find new miracle treatments or "hopes in a jar" continues. As of late I have been incorporating Vatamin C serums into my skin care regime which have yielded great results, but I like you get easily swayed by new product advertising. The latest product I am trying is Peter Thomas Roth camu camu power c it costs $85.00 before taxes so in reality your looking at close to $100.00 skin serum for your face. I was not happy about this but did find a cheaper one on which ran me roughly 47.00 and took 3 days to arrive at my door. The packaging is a nice round orange bottle which won't get lost and the illusion that your getting a lot for your money, the pump to release the product is a little jerky and "shoots" the liquid onto the palm of your hand. Now let's remember two words I just mentioned "liquid" & "shoots". My encounters with "serums" are that they have a thicker consistency than a liquid and ooze out and not "shoot" out of the bottle. The serum that Perter Thomas Roth claims to sell you is in all truth a liquid not a serum which translates into a loss of control of the product! Application of the serum is near next to impossible since when you release it, its all over your hand, hence no serum consistency! It does smell like oranges and leaves a slight tightening feeling on your face. In the end result there are cheaper and better serums with Vitamin C with greater product control. In short this is one to shy away from despite its glowing reviews.

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