Monday, February 6, 2012

Jonathan Cohen Fall 2012

Photos: R. Spiegel

Jonathan Cohen's fall 2012 collection was inspired from a trip to a museum where he viewed a painting entitled "Guano" by Judith Reigl. Every designer needs inspiration to propel themselves forward but my personal view is that Mr. Cohen is working with the same zeal and gusto from last season. Like before he's working with a tight color restricted collection which in these lean times could not be the smartest thing a new designer could be doing? There are subtle print references going back to last season which is perfectly fine but is defining his woman at the same time. Sometimes you find new designers who "want to be all things to all people", this is not the case for Mr. Cohen. The focus he demonstrates in his designs is very evident, and is what drew me to him in the first place. In a world where new designers are "here today & gone tomorrow" he's still standing and still one to watch for!

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