Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rubin&Chapelle "Mobility and Restriction" or...

For "Pre-Fall 2012" thank you Mr.retailer! Rubin Chapelle presented a small, focused collection which by some might pass as dull, but as the economy keeps choking along it seems to be motivating this design house to dig in and offer a "On Point and On Focus" collection for the fall 2012 season.

This small but powerful collection is only using around four colors and there are no prints to be found, as for the fabric it just screams luxury and it beckons accessories for evening! If your looking for simple but strong starting pieces this looks as good as one could get for the fall season!

If there is more to come with the "fall collection"; which should be shown in February i'm looking forward to what will be shown. But on a more interesting note this is the first time to date I have ever been shown a "pre-fall" collection at the end of Novenber?

If this was the triple crown Rubin&Chapelle just showed the press their three year old that they plan to run. Its worth a bet but the field every year is ultra-deep. But to their credit they are still running in the race!

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