Friday, November 4, 2011

Skingear Skin Care For Men

Ok guys we all know at least I do that I hate to shave but it looks like my problem might have just gotten a bit quicker thanks to Skingear. It's is a new product that just hit the marketplace and I am loving it! So far its a three piece set of slick shave lube,face gel and skin firming tonic.

The shave gel has the right consistency to make your blade skate across your beard and not gunk up your razor in the process! Surprisingly it also cuts your shaving time in half giving your skin a break from the wear and tear. Follow that up with the skin firming aftershave tonic and your good to go! There's also a face wash and all the products are lightly scented.

The starting price for each product is around $15.00 and can be found at specialty shops and online at

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