Monday, October 10, 2011

Century21 Broadway NYC Men's Review

Just after fashion week in New York closed Century21 opened their doors to a ever grateful upper west side crowd who needed a store like this in a bad way! Since the weather was still good I ventured over to see what they have to offer and to compare it from the Wall Street area location which has been a staple for fashion hounds for years. One would think the two stores would be the same but there are major differences between the two.

The new store according to management is still figuring out what is selling and whats not. What you will find is loads of DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo and Calvin Klein. This was evident in the suit dept as well in underwear, sport coats and socks. This alone indicates that Century21 has a strong relationship with vendors who have overstock and are using Century as a dumping ground. Looking for a Tommy Hilfiger suit for $250, they have it. The selection is decent but you won't find many high end designers. There was YSL with suits marked down to $499 from $800.

What you won't find is the more expensive or cutting edge designers which the downtown location has been a magnet for but they usually draw a european tourist crowd, so the inventory is different. As well there is no home furnishing department. For a holiday Monday the store was filled and will do well but as for myself I will still make the trip on the 6 train and shop the flagship location. You know the old saying "more is more" and downtown has it!

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