Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Douglas Hannant Bridal 2010

This marks the third outing for Mr. Hannant's bridal collection which as usual was only twelve pieces but shows us that he's a designer in full work mode as well producing spring, fall and resort lines. For bridal the looks are way more ornate and elaborate than his first two collection. The silhouette has shifted in construction as well with a more architectural theme and less fluid from previous seasons. From looking at this compact collection it seems Mr. Hannant is looking to to attract his older clientele who might be a second or third time bride. This might prove tough in regards to attracting the first time bride into a gown but the investment is well worth the money. By keeping his Bridal collections short and tight demonstrates that Douglas Hannant is following the market and knows where the money is. Bridal is but a small aspect to this great designers work which allows him to focus more on the other collections.

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