Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Southern Proper mens wear

Traditionally when one thinks of the south, clothing might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Well the south has grown up and has gone proper with Southern Proper men's wear. Emilie Claire and Regan Elizabeth Hardy two ladies from the south, have created a sophisticated line for men which has an extended reach besides southern states. The Southern Proper line has styles that attract the north with crab and beach designs, think Massachusetts, Marlin fish for Florida, think Palm Beach.

The line is small and focused with ties, pocket squares and boxer shorts. As for the price points for the line it's under $150.00 depending on what your looking for. If your into the hunting aspect there is SP Sportsman which has designs such as shotguns, ducks and dogs.

Between the two lines Southern Proper offers something for everybody be it for hunting or a formal Saturday dinner. As well there will be a launch for the ladies with polo shirts very soon. We saw a black dog logo with pink touches which was right on direction with the company's vision. For more information on the line please visit www.southernproper.com

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