Monday, November 17, 2008

Oval Structured Vodka

Beginning in July of 2009 there's going to be a new vodka hitting store shelves and it's not your average vodka you've been drinking all these years. Oval positioned as "Vodka's Natural Evolution" goes through a different process than traditional vodka distillation. Prof. Valery Sorokin has patented an eleven day process that structures Oval, combining water and alcohol in a way that's different from a more traditional process. The process arranges the vodka so that water surrounds the spirit.

The packaging for Oval won a design award at the 2007 vodka festival. The clear glass is artfully blown into three symmetrical surfaces. We love the design due to fact that it's easy to grip the bottle. As for the taste it's quite smooth and we like the technology factor which has been incorporated into the process. More information can be found at

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