Thursday, June 19, 2008

Timex Fall 2008 Collection

The first watch you probably ever got was a Timex, marking a transition from childhood into the adult world it made you look at the world, your life differently. Timex has come a long way over the years and has followed watch trends as they moved forward. The Fall 2008 collection offers a variety of women's and men's styles to compliment any occasion. For the ladies the company has aligned themselves with Swarovski crystals giving some of their time pieces a more ladylike feel. As well Timex has tracked the trend of women wearing larger men's style watches, a trend we has noticed over the past six months. Regarding the men's line it's very bold and masculine. The two major offerings style wise are elegant leather strap watches for more high end dressing and there sports diving pieces done is black. We where drawn to the black sports line due to it's dials and buttons, very tech and very complex. The 2008 Timex line will be available in late August for consumers. If you would like more information on Timex their provides there current offerings.

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