Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Marlies Dekkers lingerie & swim wear

Most americans have not hear of Marlies Dekkers lingerie since the company has a mostly European pressance. Based in Holland and with a fifteen year track record and nine stores throughout Europe it has staked it's claim overseas.

Designer Marlies Dekkers motto regarding her line and customers is "Dare to be". She considers the woman's body to be her canvas and embraces its beautiful parts with the modern straps in her designs. What we took away from the preview was the use of straps and details she incorporates in her lingerie and swim wear production. It is very obvious that this designer has a much different take on how traditional bras and panties should be made. The core construction is there but it's the attention to detail and her use of straps that set's this line apart from any other lingerie lines we have seen before. She also takes this approach to her swim wear.

The prices for this line range between $20 to $200 and up depending upon what catches your eyes but this European designer is running with companies with competitive pricing. Panties can start at $20 and bras $150.00, we saw one with micro Swarovski details.

At the moment the line is beign sold at the Wynn in Las Vegas and plans for a shop in the Plaza hotel in New York city are underway. More information on this company can be found at

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