Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rena Lange Fall 08/09

Unlike the majority of collection we have seen from the fall season Rena Lange is a lesson in taking risks in a volatile market place. Shown in a beautiful showroom in midtown Rena Lange's use of color is a breath of fresh air for fall.

Drawing inspiration from the 1920's a trend which was used by various design houses some sucuessful some not, Rena Lange hits the mark by not using the inspiration literally. The incorporation of soft winter neutrals of taupe, oyster and walnut with combinations of Bright saffrons and violet set this collection apart from others. This can be seen throughout the collection even with the accessories of bags and clutches. Speaking of clutches, the python skin pieces make for excellent accent statements and set's themselves apart from what was a season lacking in accessories. All women need purses, bags and stylish clutches and lange has come through in this area. Price points for the python range around $1,495.00, the dark brown calf leather bag $1,650.00.

Other pieces that we loved were the hi collar tweed coat $2,695.00 along with the black wool viscose evening dress $3,995.00.

American designers should be using Rena Lange and others from Europe as a learning tool in how to execute a well rounded collection which covers all the bases modern ladies need in today's society. The proof of this is evident, all one need to do is see the major luxury retailers free standing shops worldwide and most are European!

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