Monday, March 10, 2008

The Finishing Touches For Men

With men's fashion coming into it's own the need for luxury goods to finish the look is more important than ever. Three companies have come to the rescue to answer this demand.

From Colibri the world famous lighter company has for the past few years have devoted a division of affordable jewelry and accessories. Their new Inferno line of accessories takes it cue from the famous Gibson Les Paul guitar company. The wood color gradation goes back to the tobacco sunburst guitars. Along with the pens there are money clips, cuff links and pendants, all done in the sunburst style.

If your style aspires to a higher level Dolan Bullock has what you might be looking for with exquisite cuff links done in solid gold and emeralds. Traditionally a small goods house, Dolan focuses on small finishing details. Their solid 18K collection is engrave able which makes for easy gift giving. The mother of pearl (shown above) shows the attention to detail which we have come to love from the company.

S.T. Dupont Paris requires deep pockets but will deliver ten-fold with the quality they produce. The Chinese lacquer and Palladium line is strong and stylish. The Chinese lacquer process makes their pens practically indestructible. When we where shows the line the rep literally burned the pen in front of our eyes and did not harm the finish of the product one bit! Needless to say we were amazed. Although out of our price range S.T. Dupont leads the pack with stylish lighters and writing instruments.

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