Saturday, February 9, 2008

R. Scott French Fall 2008

It’s been about seven years since we have seen a R. Scott French collection come down the runway. Men’s is not a easy sell since most guys would rather watch TV then shop for clothes.

His fall collection was long and in essence there were three collection shown at once, which made for over sixty pieces to make there debut. With other fashion shows running late pressure was placed on French to rush his collection down the runway which made it hard for us to keep up with the program, we got lost a few times due to the machine gun style the models came out.

Aside from the problems, R. Scott French sent out a good collection if you pick apart what was shown. He’s a master at cutting great pants and coats but the vast selection points to a lack of his potential customer base. He’s there design wise no doubt but a better understanding of his client will produce more streamline collections down the road.

Photos: Mercedes Benz Dan Lecca

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