Thursday, February 7, 2008

Erin Fetherston Fall 2008

Erin Featherson is a gambler. In a season which has yet again be plagued by black and white along with a depressed economy this young designer is willing to play the long shot and roll this dice, this one look live! Her last collection left an impression of a designer who knows her customer; think Tori Amos wearling thoese long flowing dresses with delicate silk fabrics. It’s not hippy chic but runs a similar line,very feminine.

The floral and color rage to Erin’s collection bucks current trends for the season and offers consumers a fresh and different aproach for fall. If your looking for color she’s got a wide aray to chose from. Yeah there’s black but as well green, purple, chartreuse and red. She could have even tossed in warm beige or a dusty soft pink and it would have worked!

With a few New York seasons under her belt and running spectacular collections not to mention her recent target line, it’s quite clear this lady has luck on her side and it’s all working.

Photos: Mercedes Benz Dan Lecca

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