Friday, May 25, 2007

Mystic Tan For The Sun God In You

With the dog-days of summer still upon us and the ever present warnings of medical professionals telling us about the harmful hazards of prolonged sun exposure, it can leave one to either ponder or completely immerse themselves into the sunless tanning market. there are literally hundred’s of products that claim to give you “the perfect” tan.

Since 1999 Mystic Tan has offered an alternative to laying out in the hot sun by installing tanning booths across the globe which have come under rave reviews and have given the world an opournitunity to achieve a great tan without harming the skin. Hollywood actors and Celebes have gotten on board with fans like Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Ryan Seacrest, The Dallas Cowboys and Miss Teen USA contestants who use this tanning system to achieve a year long great tan.

But with over 3,600 tanning booths across the world one might not be able to, nor afford this tanning treatment. Mystic Tan has answered the call to this problem by offering a home system which can be bought on there site here

The product lines covers 3 phases in there collection which is pre-sunless, self-tanners and post-sunless. Pre-sunless has an exfoliating body wash, tanning accelerator and moisturising lotion. The self-tanner comes in lotion, foam and spray formulas. Post-sunless incorporates body freshening spray, tan extending lotion, body bronzing shimmer and facial bronzing lotion.

According to Troy Cooper, Mystic Tan Founder” Mystic tan ensures a natural looking even tan with every application due to the patent MangeTan technology”. With over 15 million tanning sessions and a celebrity following it’s clear to see Mystic Tan home products are a smart and affordable choice to getting a great tan.

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