Friday, May 25, 2007

Monsour Modern Rugs

Monsour Modern is a new line of rugs from Los Angeles based Mansour who happen to be the world finest purveyors of museum-quality rugs and tapestries.

Monsour, a family run company with offices in London and Los Angeles has created a legacy of quality with a celebrity clientele as well top hotel’s around the world. In 2002 Mansour was granted the Royal Warrant of Appointment as Tradesman to the Price of Whales.

The design team of Monsour Modern is Ben Soleimani and Kerry Joyce who have spent the past two years developing this new line of custom rugs for the consumer. The core of the design for the new line is customise colors, fibers and size dimensions which gives the customer complete creative control!

The collaboration between Ben and Kerry has produced a couture label that bedrock's the quality and luxury of this company. The patterns of rugs run the gamut from clean line decos to tribal, but the thing which is most attractive is the custom design the consumer can do since buying rugs for the home can be a full time job and in the end sometimes not getting exactly what you might be looking for. it seems a no brainer that with Modern Monsour this problem has been eliminated.

The showroom is located along Melrose Avenue in LA’s design district in the Monsour building. With 5,000-square-feet of show space some have called it somewhat of an art gallery with carpets hung on the walls much like a museum. there are over 400 color blocks that represent the customisation options to choose from.

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