Thursday, September 10, 2015

Jeffrey Dodd S/S2016

Relative new comer Jeffrey Dodd showed his second spring collection in his showroom downtown with the main subject of his visitors being women. I being the only man in the room besides Jeffrey seemed to go under the radar, that's ok I like to observe.

According to his site and his "about" section he started his career doing visual merchandising for Ralph Lauren in Chicago, moved to New York to attend Pratt Institute's fashion program and then over to Rachel Zoe to help develop her line. In 2014 Jeffrey Dodd is launched.

It seems the bulk of the collection is a split between black and a few other various colors. His assistants in the showroom seemed to be pulling many black pieces to drape his model. I found a beautiful long pony coat and requested it be utilized in my opinion is was a editorial piece.

But like I said, I like to observe and what I saw was Jeffrey Dodd the designer grabbing looks off his own rack and bringing them back to his model, not saying a word, almost if you did not know he was the designer, just another worker!

For the record Jeffrey Dodd shows major talent and the best pieces are not the black numbers they kept showing, but there are other young designers who can do it just as good and engage their audience.

Bill Blass years ago was, if not; the first designer who came from"the back room to the front room" and it made him the designer women adored. Jeffrey's in the right place and his customer does exist but to be selling pieces in range from $700 to $6,000 seems a test which should soon enough yield results. The strongest pieces I loved are his simple basics, pants, tops etc.. These are pieces women rely on for dressing everyday. Keep this one on the radar screen.
Photos: R.Spiegel & Jeffrey Dodd

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