Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lie Sang Bong Resort 2015

Lie Sang Bong showed a ultra low key collection within the confines of his Gansevort Street flagship in the meatpacking district of New York City. A relative new comer to the New York fashion scene, his resort collection could be viewed as a restraint in the use of color and options which for resort is the proper thing to do. I've never grasped the sense of forty-five piece resort collections!

Sang Bong's previous runway offerings left one pondering the sense of a designer who might want to be all thing to all people, which translated towards trying to find his customer base in the United States? As for resort 2015 it's a flip from previous seasons and potentially might show a hint of a new design direction for this South Korean designer. The soft sherbet color palette works wonders and seems to be a user friendly collection and allows for accessories to be used. His white gold top is very in-line from past collections and editorial; but with over ten stores in South Korea and one NYC flagship in a "been there-done that" neighborhood it's going to be interesting to watch this designer.

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