Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mara Hoffman Fall 2015~ A New Direction

For the record i've been to quite a few Mara Hoffman shows, my faves are the swimwear Miami collections she does and wins every time! But this season it's a much different story and a dramatic shift to what she has shown in the past. Mara Hoffman was/is known for her modern day boho hippie chic looks. Colors and prints gone wild which worked, and make women stand out, in effect it was her signature. One knew immediately "that's a Mara Hoffman piece".

This season shifts direction and truthfully we should have seen this coming; but from grooving from past collections to this, it comes as a bit of a shock. You can't keep throwing down the same style  season after season, it get's old and in effect one might lose customers out of complete boredom, but going in a new design direction is like uncharted waters.

For Fall 2015 the inspiration was Europe's wild men and Star Wars. From what was shown its extremely toned down. The collection pulls black white and earth tones for her color pallet. It's obvious she's going in a new direction but the question will be, will it take? Movie inspirations for collections can go either way so she's taking a risk. There were a few geometric prints but very subdued from previous seasons and lacked the psychedelic stamp she's known for.
Photos: Laforce & Stevens PR

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