Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Shave Shop.com

Over the past 20 years the mens grooming market has grown leaps and bounds with more than enough products for any kind of guy. Blame the "metro-sexual" phrase or whatever the case might be, its here and its expanding. One of the newer items to come across the counter is pre-shave oil which has been nothing but a benefit to my face. It drastically cuts down on my shaving time and leaves me with a smoother shave.

With all products it's all about trial and error and from what I have experienced it runs the gauntlet from price to consistency but make no mistake the stuff ain't cheap, or is it?

Enter Tony Bordonaro, a barber who has his own shop in Bonita Springs, Florida and who has begun a craft brew shaving oil business online. According to Tony his love affair with the shaving process started when he got a shave in Italy the old school way, hot towels, straight razor, cream. The experience left him to get a barbers license and open up shop, good thing he did!

As stated before I have tried many shave oils but the shave shop in my opinion is right up there at half the price of other more established brands. The consistency is great and the scents are fresh and masculine, if you like he can make the oil unscented.

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