Thursday, October 2, 2014

Oudifu S/S 2015

Its not everyday you find a first time designer coming into Lincoln Center and showing on a large runway but this was the case for the Oudifu S/S 2015 collection. For the record I did not attend this show but the body of work in this collection deserves some attention. For spring this house showed a african themed collection via elephant prints and sold basic pieces, which from the design cuts seem quite forgiving for most women's figures. What is most impressive are the shoes and bags which dotted the collection. As a silent rule, most designers refuse to show accessories to avoid a thunder stealer bag and their collection get's little attention.

This simply was not the case for Oudifu which showed looks that were good to go, in short sending a very clear message of "this is what I can do". For a first out designer at Lincoln Center, the collection is bold, strong, and has a focus. Most designers would play it black and safe but here you get color and prints, just what spring beckons for.
Photos: Richard Renda

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