Friday, July 4, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent~The Movie

When it comes to hitting the movie theater i'm not a huge fan and it has to be something really special for me to slap down $13.00 for a film. But there are rare occasions when the fashion community give me something I might just like. Well I'm a fashion person so when this film hit the theater I just had to go, the build up to this film made one believe; it would be something wonderful.

It seems the basis of the film brings to light a few points, first Yves is a delicate individual who needs the comfort of Pierre Berge in order to survive, second how Pierre runs the house of YSL and shows how different there lives together were and lastly how the drug and alcohol destroyed Yves in the end.

If your looking for tons of clothing from the house its not there, the 1980's to present day are not included. No Opium perfume, no Tom Ford, no YSL resignation press speech. In the end a successful failure which leaves much to be answered for. I hate to say it but the popcorn was better than the film, wait for Netflix if it ever makes it.

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