Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Chronicles of pudding,my new green friends are you playing the derby? California Chrome who?

Now we all love a good instant pudding and I've decided to do a bit of reviewing on this seldom picked topic. It's like Jello and just as cheap but how can one deny sugar free and not have to pay the price?! How I love mostly guilt free "low calorie eating" hopefully with flavor. 

Aldi's Bakers Choice, I think it was 59 cents for a box. Now when I mixed this up I did not use milk or non-fat milk, I used half&half!! As I mixed this stuff it did not seem to come together like a pudding would but, yes I followed the directions. The end result was a creamy mousse like texture and finished out with a semi dark mocha color. But remember the half & half is what made this mix shine. For the money it's the budget winner!

The next box I got was Royal Vanilla Sugar free *sigh* no chocolate but i'll hunt it down! If memory serves me correct these guys have been around for quite awhile and know their pudding! Yes they do! The mix comes together in no time flat! The final product is your classic "heavy" pudding with strong vanilla flavor, mine had a slight yellow cast but everybody's lighting situation is different! This one checked in at .89 a box.

What is different, the weather in New york is different! My word, yesterday it felt like winter and today we get a Massachusetts style rain storm? How this will play out for the Kentucky Derby is anybody's pick. The street talks of California Chrome is whatever?! I have no idea who i'm playing, but if you are make it a price, don't play the favorite!

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