Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ann Yee Fall 2014

Amid terrible weather condition designer Ann Yee presented her fall 2014 collection to a snow beaten group of fashion editors and photographers. Yee is a new designer on my radar screen but demonstrates focus and direction in her designs. Her dominant color is grey scale which in photographic terms represents white to black and everything in-between.

The standout pieces and there are quite a few are her knit creations and her black and white print jacket. In regards to the kint pieces she seems to have chosen a good gauge regarding the weight of the knits, they are not thin but not overly chunky and have a relaxed comfy yet stylish feel to them.

Working in this grey scale color palette allows many possibilities but moreso continues the fall color trend we have been seeing in seasons past. When in doubt always wear black but now you can add grey to the mix. This was a short sweet and to the point collection, just what this editor loves!

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